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Prior to submitting a maintenance claim please insure you have read all the troubleshooting guidelines below. This will avoid unneeded maintenance appointments and charges!

Trouble Shooting Guidelines

Garbage Disposal:
Problem: Garbage disposal won’t work.
Try pressing the reset switch on the disposal unit.
Problem: Garbage disposal makes noise, but doesn’t work.
Use an Allen wrench at the bottom of the disposal unit to manually turn the blade to try and free them. 

Smoke Detector:
Problem: Smoke detector beeps.
Replace the batteries in the smoke detector.
Problem: Smoke detector not working.
Make sure to press the test button located on the smoke detector to test and then replace batteries if needed.

Problem: Refrigerator isn’t cooling.
Check the thermostat to ensure that it is set at the correct temperature.
Try defrosting your refrigerator or vacuuming the coils at the back of the refrigerator.
Problem: Refrigerator isn’t working at all.
Check the fuse or the circuit breaker. Make sure it is plugged in.

Problem: Drains are clogged
se a drain cleaner and/or a plunger
Problem: No hot water. 
Make sure the pilot is lit on the water heater and is not on vacation mode.

Problem: Unit is not warm enough or not turning on.
Check the thermostat and make sure the pilot the light is lit and the furnace is making any noise at all. Check and replace filter if the filter has not been changed in the last 30 days.  Call NM Gas at 505-697-3335 to ensure that your bill has been paid.
Problem: Refrigerated Air unit is not cooling.
Clean and/or replace the filters. Check the circuit breaker to ensure
that the unit has power. Make sure all windows are closed inside the home.  Check to see if the unit has frozen and appears to have ice inside the unit. If the unit has frozen turn the unit completely off for 24 hours to defrost and ensure all prior steps have been done before turning back on.  (If you are placing the temperature on your unit below 72 degrees it can cause the unit to freeze frequently during months where the temperature is extremely hot.)
Problem: Swamp Cooler not cooling.
Make sure that windows in the home are cracked open to ensure circulation of the air. Make
Sure pump and fans switched are both turned on. If it is a humid day swamp coolers tend to not
work as well check to see if the unit is blowing any air at all at first prior to submitting a claim.
If the unit is not blowing air please detail this in your claim. If the unit is blowing air but it is
only hot air please detail this in your claim.

Problem: No electricity
Try replacing a fuse or flipping the circuit breaker switch.
Problem: Light fixture isn’t working.
Try replacing more than one bulb or resetting the button on the GFCI outlet if there is one in that room.
Problem: No electricity to one or more outlets.
Try resetting the button on the GFCI outlet. Check to see if there is a wall switch controlling that outlet.
Problem:  No electricity to the entire property.
Call PNM at 505-246-5700 to see if they are working on the power lines and check to see if your bill has been paid.

Problem: Dishwasher won’t drain.
Check to see that the drain is free of any food or other debris trapped in the drain. & try turning on garbage disposal to clear lines.

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